Frequent Migraine, is it Health Problems?

Migraine is a moderate to severe headache that feels pulsating which is generally only about the side of the head only. Women more often experience this disease than men. According to World Health Organization research results, of the total human population aged 18-65 years who reported having experienced headaches, about 30 percent are migraine headaches.

In some people, migraine attacks can occur only a few times a year. However, in other people, migraines may appear several times a week. In certain cases, pain can appear on both sides of the head and even attack the neck of the patient.


Identify Migraine for Health

There are no specific tests to diagnose migraine. Migraine can be diagnosed by identifying patterns of headaches that match the symptoms of migraine.

In addition to headaches, some sufferers also feel nausea, vomiting, and become much more sensitive to light or sound. There are several types of migraines that you need to recognize:

  • Migraine without aura: migraine headaches that occur without any signs or symptoms. This condition is diagnosed after the patient is known to have a history of migraine attacks five times.
  • Migraine with aura: signs that initiate migraine headaches are called auras. Signs that are felt before migraine is generally a problem of vision (flash of light on the eyes), stiffness in the neck and tingling in the limbs.
  • Migraine with aura is also known as a classic migraine. This type is experienced by about a third of people with migraine.
  • Migraine aura without headaches: migraines occur when a person feels an aura or other migraine symptoms, but without a headache.

Beware of Certain Conditions of Your Health

Migraine is a common disease, we often think of it as a disease that does not need special medication. Even so, you still have to consult a doctor if you have migraine attacks more than five days a month for your good health. Or if the pain that arises can not be lost even though it is taking drugs sold freely on the market. It is not advisable to consume too many painkillers on an ongoing basis because later on it can complicate the healing of headaches.

Certain headaches may also refer to other serious illnesses, such as stroke or meningitis. The symptoms that need to be aware of, among others:

  • Very severe headaches that occur suddenly and have never felt before.
  • The arms and / or one side of the face or the entire face, feels limp or paralyzed.
  • Headaches that coincide with fever, stiff neck, confusion, seizures, double vision, and skin rashes.
  • Uncomplicated speech and lips.

If you experience or see a person experiencing the above symptoms, immediately take it to the hospital or call an ambulance.

Factors That Cause Migraine

We do not yet know exactly the cause of migraine, but some of the following factors may contribute to the cause.

  • Hormone factors. Hormonal changes cause some women to feel migraine during menstruation.
  • Children who are overweight are at increased risk of migraine attacks more often.
  • Gene factor. About half of migraine sufferers have close relatives who also have migraines.
  • Temporary changes in chemicals, neural networks, brain and blood vessels.
  • Consumption of certain foods and beverages. Caffeine, chocolate, seasoning cheese (eg MSG), and alcohol can trigger migraine.
  • Other trigger factors, such as stress and fatigue may trigger migraines in some people.

Identify Migraine Triggers

You can prevent migraine relapse with the following steps:

  • Live a healthy lifestyle with adequate and regular sleep, regular exercise, healthy diet, limit the consumption of liquor, and caffeine.
  • Identify and avoid migraine triggers, such as lack of rest, stress, and consumption of certain foods and drinks.
  • Avoiding the consumption of certain drugs, such as in women with migraine, it is advisable to avoid drugs containing estrogen, such as birth control pills.

How to Handle Migraines

Migraine can have a major impact on the life of the person. You sometimes become unable to move normally as a result of this illness and require rest periods in bed for several days when and after migraine attack. There are several treatments and methods that can effectively help prevent migraine so that there is not much disturbance in the life of the sufferer.

Lying in a dark room is often the easiest solution to do when a migraine attacks. One treatment that can help relieve the pain felt is by taking anti-vomiting drugs to reduce nausea and vomiting. Some other medications are also commonly use to treat migraines, painkillers and triptans.

Although migraine attacks can sometimes worsen over time, but generally the condition of patients tend to improve in a matter of years.…

Benefits of Sugar Cane for Your Health

Sugar cane is one fruit that has many benefits, especially on the water. Many people use it to consume in the dry season. Because compared to winter, this drink is more healthy and steady in drinking during the dry season. In addition benefits as releasing thirst, the benefits of sugarcane juice are also good for the health of the body as well.

This drink has a sweet and refreshing taste because it contains glucose content that can create a natural sweetness. So you no longer need to add more sugar, because basically, it was already sweet.  So what is the benefit of sugarcane juice that can be our benchmark in order to sort out which drinks are good for the health of the body? Here’s the description.

Sugar Cane

Benefits Of Sugar Cane Water As A Bidder Of Yellow Disease

The first benefit of cane juice is to prevent jaundice. As we know that jaundice is a disease caused by pigmentation that occurs in the membranes and skin caused by elevated levels of bilirubin in the blood. This disease arises because the liver function does not work well. With us eating the juice of the heart can work well.

Overcoming Breast Cancer

Cane water has alkaline content that is useful to fight breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Help Avoid Stomach Infection

lack of potassium in the body can cause stomach infections. Because it is advisable to consume cane juice because this drink has a high potassium content. Potassium is very influential in the performance of nerves and muscles of our body. In addition to overcoming infectious diseases in the stomach, this drink is also useful to overcome diarrhea and constipation.

Good For Diabetes Disease Patients

As we know that diabetics must be careful in choosing foods and beverages. Soft drinks are not recommended for diabetics. But sugar cane that has glucose content, safe for diabetics.

Prevent Stroke Disease

Drinking sugar cane regularly at least twice a week, it will help meet the needs of fluids in the body due to the dense activity that you do this day.

Preventing Dehydration

When the dry season arrives then the body will lack much liquid like minerals. To overcome it you can consume sugarcane juice rich in mineral liquid content. The mineral content contained in sugarcane such as potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and natural electrolyte content.

Overcoming Damage To Teeth

Tooth decay and bad breath can be easily resolved. Because cane water has a high mineral content. As known teeth are in need of minerals in order to strengthen tooth structure. Consuming it regularly will help keep your teeth healthy and also make your teeth white.

Treating Nosebleeds

cane juice is able to treat nosebleeds in the nose. How to use it, first cut the tip of the cane, then boiled by using water as needed. Then enter the Java sugar and salt to taste.

Overcoming Cancer Pregnant

Inside the sugarcane contain high antioxidant content. Then the content of antioxidants in sugarcane will mix with the mineral content that is already in our body. This reaction is very efficient to help the body avoid all cancer attacks.…

How to Overcome Anemia with Healthy Food

Anemia is very disturbing us in performing daily activities. By keeping your diet healthy, your body is always healthy. It is certainly the quality of life will increase. Moreover, the needs of blood in the body adequately fulfilled. It may be that the body is reluctant to accept attacks from anemia or blood deficiency.

This is what makes us not require the use of chemicals, where the price is very expensive and high risk. Because everything that God gave is available and can be fulfilled in the nature around us. We just live how to apply the environment as a healthy food source. Types of low blood additional food.


Red Meat is Good for Anemia

Meat that has good benefits as a blood booster is working so fast in the body. The most effective is the type of red meat such as beef, goat, and buffalo. Red meat contains many animal proteins, iron, minerals, and protein. Where is this iron that can increase hemoglobin in the body? In the meantime, the protein will help arrange the red dark cells.


Types of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids are good for consumption. One of them is salmon fish that is useful to add blood because in addition to much omega-3 content is also rich in vitamin b-12 as the formation of blood cells. In addition, fish is a type of food that is low in bad cholesterol so it will not harm the body.


Actually nuts are vegetables derived from bean plants. Some types of nuts that you usually encounter such as beans, red beans, almonds, long beans and green beans. Nuts themselves contain lots of iron that can raise HB levels in the blood. Not only that, the type of nuts are also able to assist in the process of rising blood pressure.


Lots of vegetables that serve as a blood booster. Especially broccoli vegetables are rich in vegetable protein and iron so it can help the process of growth of red blood cells more quickly. In addition, broccoli is also able to bind free radicals and strengthen the body’s immune system, because of the vitamin c content in it. There are also spinach vegetables that contain potassium, low in sodium and life. That way can lower high blood pressure and keep blood flow smoothly.


The recommended fruit to be consumed in the blood enhancer is the fruit of dates and strawberries. Dates are able to dispel symptoms from low blood pressure. In addition, vitamin b-complex content can increase the production of red blood cells in the body and reduce the risk of anemia symptoms. While strawberries are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, iron, high fiber and low fat, so good to add blood to the body.…

Late Menstruation, Tips and How to Overcome it

Normal women every month have come months or known medical terms menstruation. If you do not experience it, of course, there are several factors why this problem arises. Usually the cause of late menstruation due to irregular pregnancy, stress, pain, lifestyle changes and many more. For that, if you are late menstruation is a good start to know about the cause first. If late not because of illness, pregnant or any other cause. You should address this immediately. Thus it will help in launching the perceived menstruation. So it’s good if you solve this problem. Here’s how to overcome the late menstruation:

Late Menstruation Can Be Overcome with Sesame And Palm Sugar

You can choose the type of black and white sesame. Roasted until cooked and crushed into powder. You can mix it with palm sugar or palm sugar to be one. The next step by brewing this herb with hot water and will change shape into a candy.

Late Menstruation

Sour Turmeric Acid

To launch your menstruation you can consume turmeric acid. This drink can be made by choosing a type of fresh turmeric. Prepare also for other types of beverages such as tamarind. If you want to get a lot of efficacy make sure that consume it every day on a regular basis. Other benefits when consuming turmeric acid include slimming the body and make the skin becomes healthier.

Take a Break

It’s good you should how to overcome the late menstruation by taking a break regularly. By undergoing this break will certainly help in alleviating the stress that exists. Usually when you lack the rest that will be felt is the stress becomes easy to come. So that adequate rest will reduce the level of stress that can trigger the late menstruation.

Use Comfortable Underwear

You should choose a comfortable type of underwear. The characteristics of a comfortable type of underwear is to absorb sweat, not too tight and not heat is felt. So it’s good if you use this type of underwear. Thus, when menstruation either the underwear or bra supporting the occurrence of PMS. Make sure that you use these types of clothing to support perceived comfort.

Foods That can launch Menstruation

In support of comfort to launch menstruation is done by consuming food. You can choose from healthy foods such as green vegetables that can digestion. In addition, the consumption of foods containing omega 3 in the form of nuts, fish, and red meat. Avoid eating unhealthy foods such as junk food or fast food.

Managing Stress

To deal with stress we can do the activities we like. For example, by watching television, the streets and many more. By managing stress in a good way will help in improving perceived comfort. Try to surrender to God Almighty to be able to make the heart become calmer. Make sure that you use this method to improve your tranquility so as to manage the stress.

Consult a doctor

To overcome late menstruation should start by consulting a doctor. By consulting a doctor will help in gaining knowledge whether you know about the late menstruation. For that should be if you consult a doctor.…