Malang city is famous for a tourist destination from local and foreign tourists. Moreover, Batu city Malang, a famous city for Jatim Park 1 and 2, Batu night spectacular (BNS) and transportation museum. In addition to some tours that have been mainstream in the Malang city. There are still natural attractions in Malang that has a very beautiful scenery. This natural attractions namely Dead Crocodile or citizens call it Bajul Mati Beach. It is natural beach tourism in Malang less desirable by tourists who visit Malang.

Bajul Mati Beach

Bajul Mati beach, a beach located in the south of the district of Malang East Java has a beauty that is not inferior to the sempu island that tourists often call him a mini raja ampat in East Java. This Bajul Mati beach has characteristics similar to the beaches in Mount Kidul Yogyakarta, namely white sand and lime and coral cliffs.

Location and route to get to the Bajul Mati Beach

Administratively, this Bajul Mati beach Malang location is in the village of Gajahrejo, Kec Gedangan, Kab. Malang East Java province. The distance that must be take to go to the Bajul Mati beach from the Malang city is as far as 61 km with travel time approximately 2 hours. Bajul Mati beach itself is at the kooordinate point -8.404384, 112.635662.

The route to the Bajul Mati beach from the Malang city itself is quite easy to access. Visitors can use two-wheeled vehicles or four wheels. The road that was traversed was already paved and quite smooth, just a few places that are still a bit hollow.

The route to the beach shirt from the unfortunate city can start from the square of the unfortunate city. Then headed to Gondang Legi area through Mayjen Sungkono road. Then travel on continue through jln. Commander Sudirman straight will continue to arrive at the Bajul Mati beach.

Facilities on this Beach

Bajul Mati beach is a beach in Malang that is still very natural, Development on this beach itself is also not maximal. But there are basic facilities such as toilets, showers, musholla, gasebo and a large parking lot.

Lodging or cheap hotels on this beach also not available yet. If visitors want to stay overnight, they can bring their own camping equipment.

The beauty behind the Dead Crocodile Beach Legend

Either from where the name of this Bajul Mati beach originated. According to stories from several local residents. Once upon a time this beach was not named, a time at the mouth of the river found a crocodile or a giant bajul that founded in a state of death. So that’s where the beach is named Bajul Mati beach.

Then the second legend is dead crocodille’s name is came from the beach there is a long rock and form like a giant crocodile. Either legend or myth is the right one, but behind those legends the beach is Bajul Mati beach beautiful scenery.

On this beach there is a river mouth that directly empties on the beach. That’s where the visitors can play water as much. The greenish river water meets, the white sand meets the bluish sea water makes the location of this river estuary has a unique water color phenomenon.…

1. Alnwick Castle (Location for Harry Potter)

Location of Alnwick Castle, an old castle is in Alnwick area, a rural area with still cool and fresh air. This castle is the second largest British royal castle after Windsor Castle. Until now this castle is still the residence of Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

In addition to being the home of the English nobleman, Alnwick Castle is also often used as a filming location. One of the famous movie is Harry Potter. In the Harry Potter movie, you can see this old castle being Hogwarts, the school where Harry Potter and his friends learn magic.

2. Empire States Building (King Kong)

The City Never Sleeps, that’s the nickname of New York City. Modern city is the most populous city in the United States is also a center of various fields, such as the field of economy, media, technology, education, fashion, to, entertainment. Not infrequently also a landmark in this city became the location filming a variety of famous films. One of them is Empire States Building which became the filming of the film box office world, King Kong.

You who watch the movie King Kong, of course still remember the scene when the beast is climbing the top of the skyscraper as high as 443, 2 meters. In addition to the King Kong film, this building is also used for other famous Hollywood movie shoots. Some movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, Percy Jackson, and The Amazing Spiderman.

3. The Hobbiton, New Zealand (The Hobbit)

The beauty of New Zealand increasingly global after being the location of the filming of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Starting from the filming needs of a film, a beautiful and beautiful village named Hobitton Village built complete with green valleys and small homes of the Hobbits are in it.

No wonder the tourism in New Zealand increased after the location of shooting films The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Its natural beauty does have its own appeal for anyone who sees it. Even one of the actors in the film, Dominic Monaghan has a home in New Zealand in order to keep the bond with the filming location that has skyrocketed his name.

4. Mount Avatar, China (Avatar)

Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, so the name of this beautiful mountain is better known now. The mountain that belonged to Zhangjiejie National Park changed its name to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain after becoming the inspiration of James Cameron’s Avatar film. Tapered hills are decorated with green trees is a real sight of the fictional world of Avatar, Planet Pandora.

As one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in China, Zhangjiejie National Park has a very unique landscape. Especially when the fog down and enveloped the area of ​​green hills make the hill seemed to float above the fog. Since 2004, Zhangjiejie National Park has entered the geopark at UNESCO.

5. Wadi Rum / Bukit Bulan, Jordan (Transformers)

Wadi Rum or better known as Bukit Bulan is a desert in the southern region of Jordan. Its location in the form of a reddish desert reddish expanse looks like the appearance of the surface of the planet beyond Earth. This is what attracted the film director Transformers and Prometheus to take shooting pictures in this place.

This desert is also a great place for adventure lovers. With rocky hills rising to a height of 1,700 meters, this place is very popular among rock climbing fans. In addition, tourists can cross this wilderness with a microlight or parachute.…