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Tips On Choosing Earrings According To The Shape Of The Face

One of the accessories that are identical with the weather is the earrings. Accessories ear decoration can make women more visible feminine. Usual when choosing a woman’s earrings will adjust to the event to be visited. If casual events are usually earrings with a simple motif would be an option. However, if the event is a formal event like a pilot party with an elegant design will be a perfect choice.

Not an option for the type of event that will be visited just also from the face of the wearer. If the earrings that were worn did not match the shape of the face will be a woman less good. Well so that you are not wrong in choosing earrings, yuk find out what the earring model that matches your face shape.

Spherical Face Shape

If you are the owner of a round face shape avoid earrings with rounded shapes like loop earrings or round earrings as it will make you look more round. Should choose long earrings square, rectangular, or triangular because it will give a long impression on your face.

Square Face Shape

the most appropriate earning for square face owners is the large, oval, or stacked model to disguise the jaw-like shape that looks more like a thinner. The advance is to avoid using rectangular earrings or other forms that have many angles.

Heart Face Form

The owner of the face shape has a tapered chin. The owner of a heart face will look very beautiful by using a round earrings or triangles. Both of these earring models will help disguise firmness on the chin and fuller and more balanced facial features. Avoid earrings that shrink at the bottom like the shape of the heart, inverted triangle, or the form of water drops.

Oval Face Shape

For you, the owner of the oval face can feel strong because the shape of your face matches any form of earrings. But if you want to look more trendy you can use round earrings and crowded design.

How is the woman? Already know which earring models fit your face. In addition to adjusting to the shape of the face, also adjust the earring model with the fashion model you wear. Do not let you choose a glamorous earring model but your dress is a causal model.


Tips On Choosing A Model Bag What’s Suitable For Personality

What Bag Models Suitable for You. Ever find it difficult to choose what type, shape, and color are right for you? Taking into account the body shape and what items will be in the bag can be the key for you in choosing a bag. I will give you tips to choose the type of bag that suits your everyday appearance and needs:


Before going to the store, make a list of what items will be placed in your bag; wallets, cell phones, keys, compact powder, lip gloss, and so on. Will, if you like other women, you can be sure you will inaugurate the goods in the bag. Make sure everything you need is enough if into the bag you choose.

In addition to the sense of capacity, choose a form of bag that contrasts with your body shape. If you have a slim body shape, choose a rounded bag, such as a hobo bag or pulling style. If you have around hips, shopper tote, messenger bag style, or other box-shaped bags will look right for you.

Customize With Your Style

When you are going to buy a bag, wear the clothes you use most often. This is guaranteed you do not go home with something that does not match what is in your wardrobe. But if you like to wear neutral colors, you can try a selection of other bags more colorful, such as red, pink, or blue.

Check Quality

You do not want to buy a bag that will be damaged shortly after you wear the bag. Every woman would want a bag that is durable so it can be used many times. Before buying, sell bags with care. All zippers in the bag should be open and close easily, the seams should be smooth, and the bag feels comfortable if carried on your arm.

Try Preferred Bags Before Buying

Just like a car, in buying a backpack is done ‘test’ first. If you’ve dropped a selection into one of the bags, hold the bag in your hand or under your elbow to make sure you’ll be happy to carry the bag all day.

Should leave the skin of the hands open in order to come into contact with the leather bag. If the leather bag does not feel soft on your skin, then the bag will not be comfortable to wear for the long term.