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Things You Need To Know About Trailers And Its Different Parts

Trailers are considered as a vehicle even if it does not run by power since it is towed by another vehicle. They use trailers to move different types of materials, goods and other types of transportation. If you plan to get a trailer, then it is important that you know the different types of trailer and its parts.

Mobile houses, recreational automobiles and travel trailers are also considered as towable trailers. People stay in these trailers or use it when they go camping.
Nowadays, trailers are also used to conduct small businesses.

Below are the different types of trailers:
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A. Motorcycle trailers
The Essentials of Trailers – Getting to Point A

Motorcyle trailers can easily be towed by a van or a pickup truck. This means that you do not need to have other kind of permits aside from your drivers license. This kind of trailer is not that big. You just need to use a single set of axles to tow it. This kind of trailer can be enclosed or opened.

B. Enclosed toy trailers

This kind of trailer can also be towed by a van or a pickup truck. You can use this type of trailer without having other kind of permits. You just need a single set of axles to tow it.

C. Bicycle trailers

Bicycle trailers are small type of trailer and that is why it can be towed by small vehicles. You will only a single set of axles to tow this type of trailer.

D. Utility trailers

This type of trailer is much larger than the trailers that were mentioned above and it requires a variety of multiple axles in order for it to be towed.

E. Pusher trailer

This is a specialized trailer.

F. Genset trailer

Genset trailer and pusher trailers are known to be a specialized trailer.

G. Customized trailers

Customized or custom built trailers are used to hold and move specialized equipment. Here is an example; if they need to transport an entire kitchen.

H. Boat trailers

This trailer is specifically designed to transport boats. This type of trailer comes with a cable and a ratchet mechanism. The ratchet mechanism will loosen or tighten the cable.

Since you know the different types of trailers it is also important that you also know the different parts of a trailer.

Below is the list of the different types of trailer parts:

Trailer wheels
Trailer fenders
Trailer axles
Trailer brakes
Trailer spindles
Trailer hubs and drums
Trailer bearings, races and seals
Trailer lights such as clearance lights, tail lights, license plate lights and interior lights
Tie down strap
Cargo organizers
Tie down anchors
Spare tire carrier
Loading ramps
High adjustable coupler
Gooseneck coupler
Brake actuator coupler
Trailer connectors
Trailer breakaway kits
Junction boxes