Business Fields in Your Home that Produce

For those of you who want to find additional income and have other activities at home. You can start a business by setting up in your home. Maybe some of you are still confused, about what work can be done at home. And can be profitable for you.

Business sometimes comes from a hobby you like. You do not need to panic if you do not have much capital to set up shop. But you still want to start your business through your hobby. Here are some hobbies that can be a business opportunity in your home based on a hobby.

Making Cake

Do you like making cakes? Cake is a food that majority favored by many people. If you have a hobby of making cookies and cakes that are always delicious by family, you can start a home baking business. With this cake-making, you can run a business while still caring for your children. The cakes you make can be sold at home or you can leave them at a gift shop near the house. In addition, you can also leverage social media to promote cookies, so your pie business can stay on track.


You have a hobby of photography and have some cameras that have started to rarely be used because of the busyness of taking care of the child and husband. Instead of letting your camera and lenses go unused, you can rent cameras and lenses to people in need. You can advertise through social media like Facebook to promote to audiences that you open camera and lens rentals. Everyone who will rent, can come directly to the house so you do not have to bother going out to deliver the lens and camera to rent.

Cooking Business

Cooking for women is not just for families. This activity can be an opportunity for by setting up a caterer. You can run a catering at home while taking care of your family.


Land business at home by utilizing social media is necessary for you to do. Here are some of the benefits you can get if you use social media as a partner.


Utilizing social media as your home business land can make it run more effective. You do not have to drive around to hawk merchandise, but you can promote it through social media.

Hurry up

Transactions made through social media can run faster, so buyers can see your products.


You do not have to bother delivering goods, but you can use the shipping agent to ship the product.