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How to Mix and Match Clothing with Pink Trends


Not all women confidently use the pink color, let alone the type of pastel that is now famous. Feel the soft colors of this look you look more feminine and sweet. Using the exact matching trick, your look is far from childish and impression. Check this!

Pair With Other Pastel Colors

The safest way to color pink millennial is with the translation of other pastel colors. The combination of pinky color with yellow, green, or blue will give the impression fresh, cheerful, and youthful. Ladies can wear up to 3 colors at a time if they have enough confidence and for an important informal event to relax.

Fun With Neutral Colors

White and black are known to be easy to mix and match with any color, including pink pastel. This blend of colors will give the impression of feminine but still classy. For a simple look, try to wear a pink shirt with pleated accents and black women shoes, or jumpsuit pink with a beautiful bag of white.

Sporty Accents With Dark Color

In addition to black, pink is also pretty mixed with other dark colors, such as maroon, blue, gold, and brown. Padup and this is suitable for women who tomboy but do not want to leave the feminine side. Look at your wardrobe and find women’s clothes to mix and match.

For those who want to look casual, try a stack of white shirts with a pink sweater, then pair with a black skirt or black leggings pencil. Can also add shoes or bags of pastel pink to see the look of t-shirts, blazers, and distressed dark jeans. Awesome!

Match Pink

Want to wear pink from head to toe? No problem, provided there is a gradation of color or one of the fashion items have an interesting motive. For example, pink neon tops will look cool when paired with pink pants decorated with black or white motif. Are made for the hijab can add a pink hood of a more soft or dark and keep it innocent, so as not to appear excessive.

Interested in trying the color trend of pink clothes? There are various choices of fashion items that can combine in combination, is guaranteed to get you the most trendy clothing from the low price, just from home.

Wait let alone, yuk more fashionable with the pink trend.…

Made Of Plastic Recycling, This Beautiful Dress Makes Awe

Who does not want to have a beautiful dress and feel comfortable in the body? Everyone must always want to have a beautiful dress. Speaking of dresses, we all certainly know that generally dress-based dress. But make no mistake Ladies, very beautiful dress below is a dress made from recycled plastic base material.

dress worn by the famous model Natalia Vodianova is made from recycled plastic waste. At first glance, this dress is not at all visible that it is made of plastic. The smooth, soft texture, the beautiful color and the fall when worn make a lot of people fooled and do not think if the dress is made of plastic recycled waste.

Natalia said, “Through recycling, rubbish can be reborn into something more beautiful and useful, including being this dress, imagine if we want to keep the environment, how beautiful the world is, how we have done something positive for the sustainability of this world.

Plastic waste can be processed into something very valuable. A campaign from fashion designers to call for awareness of cleanliness and environmental health. When wearing the dress, Natalia admitted that she is very proud. The beautiful woman even hopes that she can encourage everyone to be more aware of the environment.

This woman also hopes that the existing textile and fashion industries can utilize and maximize the presence of waste that is recycled. In addition to women’s clothes, the designers from H & M will issue a collection of men and children’s clothing. The collection will be available in 160 stores worldwide both online and offline stores starting late April.

Natalia looks very beautiful with the dress she wore Pernilla Wohlfahrt is none other than To Design and Creative Director H & M revealed if during this H & M is the biggest buyer of organic cotton in the world as the basic ingredients of each product. This year, they are ambitious to make quality fashion products, easy to find and certainly useful.


Tips On Choosing Black Fashion Toned Body Look Thin

Ladies, have you ever been confused and dazed by yourself looking for the right clothes and suitable for every morning wear? There were lots of clothes in the closet but it did not seem right for the day. Not to mention the desire to be more slim and good looks by doing mix and match clothes that can take a lot of time as well.

Well, let me always be slimmer, 3 goods this fashion must really you have. By having these 3 fashion items you always have an easy and instant way to get a more slim looking body look. So no need to confuse-confused again looking for clothes that fit everything. Long Vest, blazer, and dark denim that everything in your closet.

Long Vest

Must really have a long vest. With a long waistcoat, the silhouette will look taller and slimmer. Choose which material “fall” and not too thick, yes. To be safe also choose neutral colors for easy mix and match with other clothes.


Now there are many models of casual blazer and can be combined with various shirts or blouses. Choose a blazer with a collar that is under construction or create a V to give the impression more ladder. Your look will also be more chic by using this blazer.

Denim Dark Color

Dark denim trousers like black and navy must be in your closet. If you are confused about what to wear, just take a pair of denim pants and mix with different types of superiors. Then, you are ready to go.

That was three kinds of fashion items that you have to have leads, so every day you do not feel confused again to find clothes that can give the impression of your body more slender. Hopefully tips and infonya useful for you, yes women. Good Luck!!


Tips Mix And Match Cropped Trousers

cropped trousers are pants that have existed and used since antiquity because these pants have a uniqueness and very comfortable when used. mix and match cropped trousers this not har,  even you can use cropped trousers this time to the office, hangout same friends, same decouple or to campus Yuk from direct curious in see and see some reference mix n match pants kulot follows.

Blouse To Perform More Formal

Who thinks cockroach pants can only be used for casual occasions only, it turns Pants dikot if combined with a blouse top, you can look more formal. A blouse-like top is a superstar that looks very formal, otherwise if you wear a shirt with a collar, you become more and more cool. If you wear pants kulot with blouse tops, can and really fit to be used to the office also loh.

Play with Patterns

If you want to wait differently, try tau-try aja. Make plain kulot pants, you can ya wear tops that have motifs such as stripes or flower motifs. Actually pants kulot not just a plain model so just why, because in addition to have a variety of colors, now kulot pants have a motive and different materials loh.

Plant Top

Pants kulot usually have a hiwaist model or above the waist, so suitable really combined with a shorter top or crop top. Well crop top its own sleeveless model can be crop top, crop top ordinary to crop top sweater, live you customize aja with the event you want to go and fit your mood wrote, toppers. Because want to use a crop top model which aja, fusion pants kulot will be more cool.

Color Of A Matching Boss

Similar matching colors can give the impression that you’re using a jumpsuit loh. For example if you’re wearing black cotton pants, you can wear a boss with a tube shape that looks like you wear a jumpsuit. Formal events such as dinner or for a party party with my friends is the right event for you to wear pants kulot with matching color of superior.

Use Outer To Be Combined With Kulot Pants

Who says pants kulot can not be combined with the outside? Wrong loh, Toppers. In fact you make it make a fashionable if you successfully mix & match pants kulot with combined with outer like leather jacket, coat or blazer. Wow! I feel so fashionista.

Twisted Top

You already know what is twisted top? If you do not know, Toped will love you deh. Twisted top is like a boss whose shape is bent-bengk deh. Waduh with you confused with the explanation Topingan, aja see see reference pictures how to mix & match pants kulot with this twisted top.

Back To The Beginning

What do you mean back to basics? The point is clothes pants kulot with a very simple tops to be called basic. Ordinary top boss is a kind of tops of clothes with neutral colors and not a bright color brighter heheheh. Ordinary impressed basic but the blend is perfect for you to wear while hanging out with your friends.

mix n match cropped trousers with tops according to – plain tops with pocketed cotton back to basic More trendy and ready to be fasionista ya after you’ve know how to mix n match pants kulot for your appearance everyday. Tuh kan if you can know pants kulot with the right top, pants kulot can also be used to the office or to the campus loh. Asik kalo already know the reference to mix n match kulot kulot, so no longer afraid to buy pants kulot.

Tips On Choosing A Model Bag What’s Suitable For Personality

What Bag Models Suitable for You. Ever find it difficult to choose what type, shape, and color are right for you? Taking into account the body shape and what items will be in the bag can be the key for you in choosing a bag. I will give you tips to choose the type of bag that suits your everyday appearance and needs:


Before going to the store, make a list of what items will be placed in your bag; wallets, cell phones, keys, compact powder, lip gloss, and so on. Will, if you like other women, you can be sure you will inaugurate the goods in the bag. Make sure everything you need is enough if into the bag you choose.

In addition to the sense of capacity, choose a form of bag that contrasts with your body shape. If you have a slim body shape, choose a rounded bag, such as a hobo bag or pulling style. If you have around hips, shopper tote, messenger bag style, or other box-shaped bags will look right for you.

Customize With Your Style

When you are going to buy a bag, wear the clothes you use most often. This is guaranteed you do not go home with something that does not match what is in your wardrobe. But if you like to wear neutral colors, you can try a selection of other bags more colorful, such as red, pink, or blue.

Check Quality

You do not want to buy a bag that will be damaged shortly after you wear the bag. Every woman would want a bag that is durable so it can be used many times. Before buying, sell bags with care. All zippers in the bag should be open and close easily, the seams should be smooth, and the bag feels comfortable if carried on your arm.

Try Preferred Bags Before Buying

Just like a car, in buying a backpack is done ‘test’ first. If you’ve dropped a selection into one of the bags, hold the bag in your hand or under your elbow to make sure you’ll be happy to carry the bag all day.

Should leave the skin of the hands open in order to come into contact with the leather bag. If the leather bag does not feel soft on your skin, then the bag will not be comfortable to wear for the long term.