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Tips Wearing Appropriate Accessories

Accessories are an important part of the fashion business. If you do not acc the company accessories when dressing there must be less complement. Even the presence of these accessories can make your appearance that was ordinary alone increasingly prominent lho leadis however, sometimes consciously or not we still often make mistakes either in choosing or wearing accessories that of course this error affect our overall appearance. Because it turns out in the use of accessories that there are rules of the game. Curious what a rule in wearing accessories to support your appearance? Without waiting a long time again, immediately wrote us one by one.

Do Not Exaggerate

Everything that is excessive indeed is sometimes not good. This also applies to the use of accessories. It should not give the impression of crowded and heavy on your appearance. Especially if the accessories you choose has a size and shape that is large enough. You also do not need to add other accessories, if the accessories you use already looks prominent. Suppose you are wearing a necklace with a striking shape and size. Avoid wearing bracelets, rings or earrings at the same time yes. If you still want to wear it, choose the matching accessories from the pattern and theme.

Choose A Simple One

When you choose to use accessories try to make it look simple but still make your appearance look interesting. If you choose accessories with a large size, would be very suitable if you mix with a simple outfit. Avoid sequined or full patterns. Because it will make the accessories you wear seem to collide with your bapak. You can try to choose a black dress with blend accessories for a formal appearance or jeans with a white t-shirt that will make the accessories you wear look more ‘live’.

Selection Of The Right Earring

Although often covered with hair but, earrings are one of the accessories that you should not forget just like that. Because earrings will be the first attraction seen when others are talking to us. You need to know if, accessories that one is important to frame your face. Therefore you should select the right earring and in accordance with your face shape yes leadis. In addition, also adjust the details of earrings such as colors and shapes.

Customize The Necklace Model With Collar

Want the necklace you wear looks prominent? The key is to choose the right collar. As we know, the shape of the collar is very diverse as a model of v neck, strapless, off the shoulder, and others. For that, you should have more than one necklace model to be able to adjust to the collar you wear. As for the selection of color necklaces, you can also choose neutral necklace colors such as nude, black, or white. Because the color will be easy you mix with clothing with any style.

Use The Accessories On Your Fingers

The rings are hand trimmers that we should not miss. Sometimes the selection of this ring is also not rare if we choose, when in fact if we want occasionally give little attention, the ring is not just a complement but at the same time beautify your hand.

Choose Accessories To Accentuate Fashion

Keep in mind that the accessories you wear should make your clothing more vivid and stand out. You can customize your accessory with a specific theme. For example, if you want to look polite and charming, choose accessories with pearl accents or if you want a feminine appearance and romantic impression, you can use accessories with vintage or floral themes colorful.

Well, once you know the rules of using the right accessories, now you can start mix and match accessories without fearing your appearance does not match. Hopefully useful leadis