How to Mix and Match Clothing with Pink Trends


Not all women confidently use the pink color, let alone the type of pastel that is now famous. Feel the soft colors of this look you look more feminine and sweet. Using the exact matching trick, your look is far from childish and impression. Check this!

Pair With Other Pastel Colors

The safest way to color pink millennial is with the translation of other pastel colors. The combination of pinky color with yellow, green, or blue will give the impression fresh, cheerful, and youthful. Ladies can wear up to 3 colors at a time if they have enough confidence and for an important informal event to relax.

Fun With Neutral Colors

White and black are known to be easy to mix and match with any color, including pink pastel. This blend of colors will give the impression of feminine but still classy. For a simple look, try to wear a pink shirt with pleated accents and black women shoes, or jumpsuit pink with a beautiful bag of white.

Sporty Accents With Dark Color

In addition to black, pink is also pretty mixed with other dark colors, such as maroon, blue, gold, and brown. Padup and this is suitable for women who tomboy but do not want to leave the feminine side. Look at your wardrobe and find women’s clothes to mix and match.

For those who want to look casual, try a stack of white shirts with a pink sweater, then pair with a black skirt or black leggings pencil. Can also add shoes or bags of pastel pink to see the look of t-shirts, blazers, and distressed dark jeans. Awesome!

Match Pink

Want to wear pink from head to toe? No problem, provided there is a gradation of color or one of the fashion items have an interesting motive. For example, pink neon tops will look cool when paired with pink pants decorated with black or white motif. Are made for the hijab can add a pink hood of a more soft or dark and keep it innocent, so as not to appear excessive.

Interested in trying the color trend of pink clothes? There are various choices of fashion items that can combine in combination, is guaranteed to get you the most trendy clothing from the low price, just from home.

Wait let alone, yuk more fashionable with the pink trend.