Made Of Plastic Recycling, This Beautiful Dress Makes Awe

Who does not want to have a beautiful dress and feel comfortable in the body? Everyone must always want to have a beautiful dress. Speaking of dresses, we all certainly know that generally dress-based dress. But make no mistake Ladies, very beautiful dress below is a dress made from recycled plastic base material.

dress worn by the famous model Natalia Vodianova is made from recycled plastic waste. At first glance, this dress is not at all visible that it is made of plastic. The smooth, soft texture, the beautiful color and the fall when worn make a lot of people fooled and do not think if the dress is made of plastic recycled waste.

Natalia said, “Through recycling, rubbish can be reborn into something more beautiful and useful, including being this dress, imagine if we want to keep the environment, how beautiful the world is, how we have done something positive for the sustainability of this world.

Plastic waste can be processed into something very valuable. A campaign from fashion designers to call for awareness of cleanliness and environmental health. When wearing the dress, Natalia admitted that she is very proud. The beautiful woman even hopes that she can encourage everyone to be more aware of the environment.

This woman also hopes that the existing textile and fashion industries can utilize and maximize the presence of waste that is recycled. In addition to women’s clothes, the designers from H & M will issue a collection of men and children’s clothing. The collection will be available in 160 stores worldwide both online and offline stores starting late April.

Natalia looks very beautiful with the dress she wore Pernilla Wohlfahrt is none other than To Design and Creative Director H & M revealed if during this H & M is the biggest buyer of organic cotton in the world as the basic ingredients of each product. This year, they are ambitious to make quality fashion products, easy to find and certainly useful.