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The Three Stages of Air Duct Cleaning Process Winnipeg duct cleaning is actually a hassle-free process with the steps that you need to follow. The first stage in air duct cleaning is known as the initial stage. In this stage, you do not immediately clean the air duct right away – you first need to cover the heat vents with plastic bags. The plastic bags would serve as a cover when you are already cleaning the air duct itself. In covering the heat vents, the Winnipeg duct cleaning machine’s suction will also be tested if it is working well or not anymore. The heat vents’ trunk will also be breached by a technician, for the process. The technician will make sure that the hole he made will be enough for the large vacuum to be inserted. The large vacuum will be inserted with a high powered unit in order to remove all the dirt particles from the air duct and its coils.
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The second stage in air duct cleaning is known as the cleaning stage. The heat vents are drilled with a small hole done in the initial stage. Accordingly, push a spinning brush or a whip attachment through the air duct machine to make sure that there are no dust and dirt particles left in the machine. There are a lot of dust particles and small foreign objects that can enter your air duct machine that is why you cannot avoid all those small particles from being stocked in the air duct. Those stocked dust and dirt particles are the reasons why the quality of the heating and cooling system of the air duct gets lower and lower. For some Winnipeg duct cleaning companies, in order for them to totally remove the dust particles, dirt particles and the other small foreign particles, they are using a scoping camera to let them see everything in a clearer perspective. In some cases where the air duct is too much blocked by dirt and dust particles, some Winnipeg duct cleaning companies would temporarily dismantle the air duct so that it will be cleaned properly.
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The third stage in air duct cleaning is known as the final stage. In this final stage, the cleaning is obviously done that the only job left is to remove and detach everything that was used during the first and second stage such as the removal of the plastic bag from the heat vents and the disconnection of the large vacuum form the furnace trunk that was inserted earlier. Obviously and technically, the Winnipeg duct cleaning is already totally done. The air ducts that were temporarily dismantled should be put back all together and the holes that were created should be patched to make sure that everything is tight and that the cleaning process is successful.