Understanding and Benefits of Google Plus

Google +

Google+ or Google Plus is a social networking website made by Google. We have previously known Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Friendster (already finished), Hi5 as a world-renowned social networking media.

Google claims that Google+ has facilities and benefits over existing social networks. Some are somewhat similar to existing facilities on Facebook. With Google+ it offers: Profile information, Circles, Photos, Events, Hangouts, Pages, Community, Local, Status and Share (sharing) and easily visible on Google search.

On profile, facility to display user identity. Circles facilities to group kinds of relationships (friends, family, etc.). Photos to upload photos and create albums. Events to create a schedule of activities and publish. Hangout is a live video talking facility with fellow Google+ users. Page is a facility for creating business pages, communities, organizations, etc. Community is a collection of groups with a particular topic of interest (This is similar to Facebook Group). Local is a feature integrated with Google Maps, can search for a specific place and provide a review (review). Status and sharing is the ability to write something (thoughts, website links, videos) and share them with a particular public or circle. Google+ always shows up in Google search results.

To create Google+, you just have a Google or Gmail account. By click the name menu then it looks Google+.

For business people or individuals with a publication purpose, Google+ has many benefits, including:

1. Google+ is growing rapidly. According to Google, Google+ is a fast-growing social networking website. Google+ has 135 million users worldwide and 60% of them are always logged in and updated information every day.

2. Google+ have facilities that exceed the existing social networking. With one Google+ account, all Google facilities can be used like Youtube, Picasa, Adwords, Adsense, talking live video and so forth.

3. Google+ quickly shows up in Google search results. Information you publish on Google+ You can potentially show up on Google Search. Sometimes the existence of your website is outdone by the power of posting in Google+.

4. Google+ can increase website presence in Google Search. Install the +1 button on every page of your website to get social claims from other Google+ users. Currently Google considers social media signals to strengthen your website ranking.

5. Google+ is able to display business locations in Google search. When you have a Google+ page type your address and business map will appear in search results or in Google Maps. Then create a business name that matches your product keywords.

6. Google+ is able to make you as the content owner. When sharing an information in a Google+ post it will display it in Google search results with your profile picture next to it.

7. Google+ Communities as a place to talk. Like a group then there is interaction from other fellow Google+ users. You can publish there or use it as a media approaching the Google+ user community.