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Two Centuries Of Bus Evolution

In this modern age, traveling from place to place is not a problem as we have buses everywhere. If you do not own a car, you can commute through a bus. If you do not like driving for long hours, you can take the bus and conveniently wait to arrive at your destination. Life has been favorable to us because of the existence of buses.

In the old days, traveling was never that easy nor efficient. Although steam automobiles were invented, only a few people got to own and use these and other people had to travel by other means which was the horse-drawn omnibus, introduced in the 1800’s. The horse bus was designed as an enclosed two-bench cabin being dragged carefully by horses and to which the horses are being controlled by the driver who seats in front of the cabin. Some horse buses were even the double decker type where few people are seated on top of the enclosed cabin seated back to back, and the cabin is carried by three horses.

Nowadays, we see horse carriage rides as fun and exciting but in the past it was the only means of transport to most people and they had to deal with many inconvenience. Some horses are not cleaned and get really smelly and irritable. The transportation must have been slow also as the horses can get tired when overworked. The spread of the horse flu was another inconvenient factor as drivers were forced to halt their horse bus services.

In the late 19th century, another public transportation was introduced which was the cable car. This well-designed and efficient means of transportation did not quite get approved by officials as due to operational costs and safety reasons.

Next to cable car was the trolley bus. Trolley bus or street cars follow the rails in city streets with routes set to various places for picking and dropping off passengers. This had greatly affected the workplace positively as people in the country side could then travel to cities quicker than before. Street cars helped revolutionized many major cities and with its industries as their economy started to rise. Even today, street cars still exist and are being used by some cities.

Commuting started to become convenient as the motor buses were introduced next. And this became a factor to the increasing demand of public transportation in cities. From there, the designs of buses have changed and evolved, and more people were being accommodated.

City life can be difficult. In the Big Apple alone, more than 2 million people use the bus to go to work every day. In Chicago, there are about 19,000 bus trips daily.

The fact that millions of people use the bus daily, you could definitely imagine it getting dirty throughout the day.

A bus wash is important to keep the bus clean and for passengers to feel comfortable not to get sick when riding the bus. There are a lot of bus wash companies who provide such efficient bus cleaning services. People want to ride a bus that is clean, and this demand can be provided by a bus wash company.